Armored land cruiser for sale

It comes with reinforced spring, stabilizer bar and independent suspension. With 8 seats, air conditioner this car is a wonderful purchase. However, with the increase in ballistic threats in the recent past it has become an essentiality that you remain safe at all times. Like all other Toyota products, this car is also high on performance and comes with robust features. In addition, this is a bulletproof vehicle and can prevent attacks from rifles. This armored vehicle fits your budget easily.

It is a reasonably priced car and is used for transferring passengers from one point to another without generating any unwanted attention. If you are thinking about security and safety then this armored car pops into the mind of the customers. It is designed to provide high performance in addition to being cost effective.

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This vehicle delivers the very best and is now available in Nigeria. The vehicle is designed in such a way that it does not make it obvious among people that the vehicle is armored. Complete the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly. Send Message. Complete the form below and send the link to this vehicle to your friend.

Bulletproof 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

Armored Vehicles For Sale Direct from manufacturer. Entire perimeter protection of the passenger compartment High quality multi-layer bullet resistant glass Protection for battery and electronic control module Reinforced door hinges and other critical structure points Reinforced suspension Runflat devices. Vehicle Specifications. CEN BR 6. Read More. All rights reserved.

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Current Stock Dealers Contact Us. Request More Info. Email To Friend.Our focus was exclusively on the Cash-In-Transit CIT business, with the simple goal of regarding each client with the highest level of respect by delivering to them the ultimate in safety within every vehicle we built This heavy-duty pickup truck chassis can withstand the harshest road and weather conditions, as well as impacts from bullets and blasts.

This is the standard CIT vehicle for many banks and security agencies around the world that demand the most comprehensive and secure armoring. Learn more about this truck to see if it is right for your team.

This CIT model delivers unprecedented performance in a variety of terrains and environments. The combination of comfort and safety this armored CIT vehicle offers makes it a very popular choice around the world. We can armor the chassis of your choice to withstand hostile conditions during bullion, banknote, coin, or valuable goods transport. About TAG. TAG News. Ready for a quote? Contact one of our sales specialists today. Armored Toyota Land Cruiser Add to compare Print page.

Why Choose the Toyota Land Cruiser 79? Available Armoring Levels Click for details. Available Call for Details.Ever since International Armoring Corporation started business inthe armored Toyota Land Cruiser has been the most popular armored vehicle, and for good reason.

The Land Cruiser is known throughout the world as one of the most rugged, dependable and powerful SUVs ever produced. In the latest model, Toyota has refreshed the design with new styling and amped up the interior with new on-board technology. Offering three rows of seating, this extremely spacious vehicle will get you where you need to go, off-road or on. International Armoring Corporation takes everything great about the Toyota Land Cruiser and makes it better. Armormax is custom to the layout of the car, and the needs of the customer, all while being lighter than steel and installed weld-free.

Contact us today for a free quote for your Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser. Call to learn more and receive a free estimate. The bulletproof Toyota Fortuner's interior includes luxurious leather seats, an electric lumbar support, and three memory settings.

Options include parking aid,…. The armored Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most popular options for SUV protection every year, and for good reason. And for good reason. The Landcruiser is a beast of a car, renowned for years for its rugged exterior and performance and…. The bulletproof Toyota Camry is a wise combination of the highest quality of armor placed in the best selling car in America.

The Camry has a legacy of quality, performance, and durability. The quality of the cars makes it a…. To match up against all potential threats, the armored Landcruiser GXR series meets the international ballistic protection standard of B4 through B7. The armor rating certifies that the occupants are safe from all acts of mechanical violence such as…. The armored Toyota Hilux is a common vehicle used by businesses and governments worldwide. Armormax recently provided the armored conversion on a fleet of armoured Toyota Hiluxes.

International Armoring offers the armored Toyota HiAce crew as a cash-in-transit CIT van and a reduced seat version of the commuter bus that can be driven on a standard licence. Toyota HiAce, has received a significant upgrade, led by the…. This armored Toyota Tundra is the latest quality bulletproof truck option available from International Armoring. With advanced suspension and truckload capabilities, this truck stands strong and will take almost anything you can throw at it.

The truck is powerful on…. As the largest SUV in the Toyota lineup, the full-size Sequoia is designed to accommodate families who need three real rows of seating, a fair amount of off-road capability, and the ability to tow a boat or other trailer.

Toyota Land Cruiser armored for sale price 60000$

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armored land cruiser for sale

Sa Yang. Export only. I keep seeing BR6 level armored vehicles for sale this week. Lot 32, Joined Jul 13, Messages Location Orlando. Please gd someone tell me they have saved pictures???? Oh lala. Land Caesar. Joined Jun 2, Messages Location Ohio.With many variations available, the provided protection level and special equipment can be selected according to your country, region, and security situation.

To ensure that external appearance remains unchanged, new glass is manufactured with the same curvature as the original, and laminated with special intermediate and polycarbonate layers. The absolute requirement for armored glass is that it stop ultra-high velocity rounds, while at the same time absorbing the kinetic energy of the rounds to ensure that no fragments are formed within the vehicle.

Based on the new Toyota Landcruiser, this highly reliable 4WD armored vehicle offers bulletproof and blastproof specifications with a reinforced body and an improved suspension. With excellent gas mileage and low risk of mechanical failure, the Landcruiser is the stable off-road vehicle used in mass quantities by the United Nations and many governments.

From the streets of New York to the sands of the Sahara, this vehicle blends into the landscape without being conspicuous, offering confidence and trust on tough rides, from high-speed freeway cruising to off-road in a jungle. The outer appearance of the vehicle does not give any hint of its bulletproof specifications. Securico has also developed thinner and lighter bulletproof glass jointly with the glass manufacturer.

Bulletproof glass is considerably heavier than ordinary glass, with consequent problems of raising and lowering windows, and related malfunctions. Securico employs its own unique solutions to this problem, resulting in reliable vertical motion of powder window by motor. Composite Armor Avoiding an increase in weight of the vehicle is essential when adding armor. Resin-based aramid fiber materials are therefore formed to the curves of the vehicle and fitted on the inside of the doors and body.

These materials offer considerable savings in weight in comparison with metallic armor, and are able to accommodate the body shape of the vehicle. This composite armor, and explosion-protection panels fitted in the floor, prevent entry into the vehicle of blast and fragments from hand grenades and anti-personnel mines.

Bulletproof and Blastproof Batteries Impact of rounds on a battery normally results in leakage of the electrolyte, with a rapid drop in voltage, and consequent immediate stopping of the engine.

Batteries in Securico armored vehicles are of the dry cell type, rather than the conventional wet cell batteries employing electrolyte. Dry batteries maintain voltage and power output over long period of time, and may be turned upside down without ill-effect.

The special structure of the electrodes inside these batteries ensures a stable power output even when subjected to bullets, and the blast and shock effects of explosives. Combat Tanks optional Special military-standard fuel tanks to withstand the impact of rounds without explosion, and to self-seal if penetrated, are available for export only. Run Guard System The Run Guard System employs wheels permitting continued movement of the vehicle despite punctured tires.

The system has received high praise in the US and Europe. Punctures at the scene of the crime, and in the event of an attack, are a definite possibility, and the efficacy of the Run Guard System becomes clear in such emergencies. The Run Guard spinner ensures that the tire retains its shape, permitting emergency escape from the scene. The spinner does not normally contact the tire, and thus normal ride is maintained. A Range of Security Systems A range of security systems, including theft prevention, emergency alarm, wireless engine immobilizer, are fitted to the vehicle.

The primary security systems necessary for the vehicle are those designed to prevent theft of the vehicle itself, and to prevent attachment of explosive devices and oscillators while the vehicle is unattended. Theft of the armored vehicle before use, and consequent use of an unarmored vehicle, facilitates the task of the attacker and is used increasingly in conflicts overseas. The use of loud alarm sirens and strobe lights in the event of a criminal act or attack tends to catch the attacker off-guard and frustrate criminal or terrorist intentions.

These devices alert those in the vicinity of an emergency, with the effect of alerting police and bringing the event to public notice.

armored land cruiser for sale

The most important action when involved in a criminal act or attack is to leave the scene as soon as possible. The use of sirens and strobe lights is an important tool in assisting escape in such situations, and in preventing secondary accidents. Land Cruiser 4WD 5.Car for sale Toyota Fortuner in good condition. Beautiful Toyota Vios for sale. Toyota Land Cruiser The Legend continues. Toyota Camry Philippines Review: The leader in the midsize sedan segment.

armored land cruiser for sale

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Toyota Hiace Philippines review: More of all, more for all. Toyota 86 Philippines Review: Master your driving style.

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser (TLC) 200 Series

Automatic 43, Km. Automatic 89, Km. Automatic 40, Km. Manual 79, Km. We make a point to keep this page up to date as much as possible to help you find the best deal for your next dream car. Have you found your next car yet from our extensive car listings from the most reputable and certified car dealerships? If you have, you might want to hold your horses just a bit before jumping the gun and getting your hands to the keys of your next vehicle.

Falling in love with a particular car model has its pitfalls. Much like having drunk goggles on in a bar, entering a dealership and loving a car right away will lead you to ignore the other things about it. If you fall in love too much with a car even before driving it, you tend to ignore details such as; price, fuel economy, maintenance cost, safety features, and others. We do admit, however, that love is a feeling you that can never really be quantified nor explained by logic, but keep in mind that you will be shelling out quite a significant amount of hard-earned money.

Always do your due diligence by checking out all available cars for sale listings to create options for yourself before entering a dealership. The past decade saw an increase in the number of vehicles that include quite a plethora of safety features. In the early part of the millennium, there were still some car models that do not even feature airbags, or you had the option to omit it from the standard kit to save a significant amount of money from the sticker price.

Nowadays, you can find multiple airbags and anti-lock braking system ABS in even the fleet edition of some car models.

You also have cars that offer more than 2 airbags, there are airbags for the rear occupants, your knees and even curtain airbags to protect yourself against side collisions.Our focus was exclusively on the Cash-In-Transit CIT business, with the simple goal of regarding each client with the highest level of respect by delivering to them the ultimate in safety within every vehicle we built With the largest international parts and service network, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the benchmark for other OEM manufacturers to beat.

Exceptional four-wheel drive capabilities, multiple engine diesel or petrol and transmission options manual or automaticvarious trim levels, budget points, and protection levels BR4, BR5, BR6, BR7, VR7, VR9allow for an incredibly versatile armoring and operational platform.

The TLC Series is a serious workhorse, with large brake rotors and calipers, as well as an independent front suspension. When you purchase an armored TLC from The Armored Group, LLC, you will work directly with our design team to determine the features that suit your individual needs.

armored land cruiser for sale

You may require our basic armoring package, with protective gear such as blast-resistant flooring and bulletproof windows, or you may want to add special ballistic protection devices. No matter what you need from your armored Toyota Land Cruiser, we can deliver. The TLC Series is one of the most capable and secure off-road all-terrain vehicles in the world, making it a very popular choice for armoring.

If your team needs a vehicle that is flexible, reliable, and comfortable, we recommend the TLC. The armored Toyota Land Cruiser Series seats up to eight people, and offers top-level protection from gunfire and blasts. Contact us today for more information.

About TAG. TAG News.

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Ready for a quote? Contact one of our sales specialists today. Add to compare Print page. Available Armoring Levels Click for details. Available Call for Details.


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