Biomembrane meaning in urdu

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A structure bounding a cell or cell organelle; it contains lipids, proteins, glycolipids, steroids, etc. A structure bounding a cell or cell organelle; it contains lipids, proteins, glycolipids, and steroids.

Synonym s : membrana [TA]membrane 2. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Biomembrane frontiers; nanostructures, models, and the design of life. Solubilization and functional reconstitution of biomembrane components. Supply and installation of a mobile water treatment plant working on biomembrane system, with cubic meter capacity with spare parts to be utilized in Islahiya, Al Qateef as an alternate facility in place of the old plant.

Water and sewage projects contracts in Eastern Region. Enhancement of the mechanical and biological properties of a biomembrane for tissue engineering the ocular surface.

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Signal transduction pathway involved in the ex vivo expansion of limbal epithelial cells cultured on various substrates. Biochemical studies of uraemic toxins with special reference to hydraulic permeability.

Plasma Membrane: Structure, Parts and Functions (Hindi)

Pseudomonas putida P To further explore the templating function of the LLCs, the formation mechanism of anisotropic nanostructures and the synthesis in biological systems, here we prepared gold nanoproducts using lecithin a natural biological material to construct the lamellar LLC phase mimicking a biomembrane. Synthesis of gold nanoplates in lecithin lamellar liquid crystals. Estres oxidativo y el uso de antioxidantes en animales domesticos.

biomembrane meaning in urdu

It is established that the rubber transferase is firmly associated with the monolayer biomembrane that surrounds each rubber particle refs. Biotechnological development of domestic rubber producing crops. The water-swellable polyelectrolyte acts as a support for the biomembranenot unlike the cytoskeletal support found in mammalian cell membranes.

Phase sensitive neutron reflectometry describes the structure of a membrane-mimetic biomaterial. Vector competence of California mosquitoes for West Nile virus.

The aborigine's performance is paralleled with an equally surreal performance by Nobel prize winning physicist Shazar Ratner who speaks to Billy from inside a biomembrane which breathes for him while his face is being shot with silicone to prevent it from collapsing.

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biomembrane meaning in urdu

The awkward case of 'his or her'. Take the quiz Spell It Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Play the game.One language group, for example, included the most common languages spoken in India, including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu. It remains one of the few internet businesses in the country that supports Urdu language in its app, for instance. In its place came something which, striving to fuse Urdu and Telugu, seemed to devalue both. The order came again, in Arabic and Urdualong with a warning that otherwise access would be achieved with explosives.

To the left was West Pakistan, where they ruled, and spoke Urduand wrote in an alphabet that flowed like water under wind. Imran Khan speaks in Urdu to his Pakistani-American audience. Then to the mahout she continued in Urdu"Gul Dad, are you hurt? He blundered out almost into the Englishman's arms, and was bad-worded in clumsy Urdu.

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Example sentences from the Web for Urdu One language group, for example, included the most common languages spoken in India, including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu. Imran Khan Talks U. The Jungle Girl Gordon Casserly.


Kim Rudyard Kipling. In Clive's Command Herbert Strang. The Yoga-Vasishtha Maharamayana of Valmiki, vol. The script derives primarily from Persia. It belongs to the Indic branch of the Indo-European family of languages, being closely related to Hindi but containing many Arabic and Persian loan words. Do You Know This Word?A biological membranebiomembrane or cell membrane is a selectively permeable membrane that separates cell from the external environment or creates intracellular compartments.

Biological membranes, in the form of eukaryotic cell membranesconsist of a phospholipid bilayer with embedded, integral and peripheral proteins used in communication and transportation of chemicals and ions.

The bulk of lipid in a cell membrane provides a fluid matrix for proteins to rotate and laterally diffuse for physiological functioning. Proteins are adapted to high membrane fluidity environment of lipid bilayer with the presence of an annular lipid shellconsisting of lipid molecules bound tightly to surface of integral membrane proteins. The cell membranes are different from the isolating tissues formed by layers of cells, such as mucous membranesbasement membranesand serous membranes.

The lipid bilayer consists of two layers- an outer leaflet and an inner leaflet. Certain proteins and lipids rest only on one surface of the membrane and not the other. In eucaryotic cells, new phospholipids are manufactured by enzymes bound to the part of the endoplasmic reticulum membrane that faces the cytosol. To enable the membrane as a whole to grow evenly, half of the new phospholipid molecules then have to be transferred to the opposite monolayer.

This transfer is catalyzed by enzymes called flippases. In the plasma membrane, flippases transfer specific phospholipids selectively, so that different types become concentrated in each monolayer. Using selective flippases is not the only way to produce asymmetry in lipid bilayers, however. In particular, a different mechanism operates for glycolipids—the lipids that show the most striking and consistent asymmetric distribution in animal cells.

The biological membrane is made up of lipids with hydrophobic tails and hydrophilic heads. These help organize membrane components into localized areas that are involved in specific processes, such as signal transduction. Red blood cells, or erythrocytes, have a unique lipid composition.

The bilayer of red blood cells is composed of cholesterol and phospholipids in equal proportions by weight. In the bilayer of red blood cells is phosphatidylserine. However, it is flipped to the outer membrane to be used during blood clotting. Phospholipid bilayers contain different proteins.

These membrane proteins have various functions and characteristics and catalyze different chemical reactions. Integral proteins span the membranes with different domains on either side. Peripheral proteins are unlike integral proteins in that they hold weak interactions with the surface of the bilayer and can easily become dissociated from the membrane. Oligosaccharides are sugar containing polymers.

In the membrane, they can be covalently bound to lipids to form glycolipids or covalently bound to proteins to form glycoproteins.

Membranes contain sugar-containing lipid molecules known as glycolipids. In the bilayer, the sugar groups of glycolipids are exposed at the cell surface, where they can form hydrogen bonds. Glycoproteins are integral proteins. The phospholipid bilayer is formed due to the aggregation of membrane lipids in aqueous solutions.

Biological molecules are amphiphilic or amphipathic, i. The layers also contain hydrophobic tails, which meet with the hydrophobic tails of the complementary layer. The hydrophobic tails are usually fatty acids that differ in lengths. Membranes in cells typically define enclosed spaces or compartments in which cells may maintain a chemical or biochemical environment that differs from the outside. For example, the membrane around peroxisomes shields the rest of the cell from peroxides, chemicals that can be toxic to the cell, and the cell membrane separates a cell from its surrounding medium.

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Peroxisomes are one form of vacuole found in the cell that contain by-products of chemical reactions within the cell. Most organelles are defined by such membranes, and are called "membrane-bound" organelles.We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.

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biomembrane meaning in urdu

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biomembrane meaning in urdu

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Biological membrane

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