Creature baits for bass fishing

Unlike traditional frogs, this bait is designed to be used flipping, pitching, Carolina-rigging or as a jig trailer. The Fighting Frog takes frogs to a whole new level of fishing. This frog is made to be used below the surface and give fish a new and realistic look and a great swimming action. When fished with a light weight, it has a natural gliding action on the fall. The Fighting Frog has hook pockets on the top and bottom, but the key is additional grooves on the sides.

These channels and grooves prevent the bait from balling up on the hook and interfering with hooksets. Itty's Secrets Baits Wildthing Junior 2. Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great!

Follow the diagrams to rig the plastics weedless. Ideally the point of the hook should be hidden just under the skin of the plastics. A bullet weight can be added to help the lure sink. Slowly drag the plastics along the bottom for best results — be sure to strike hard when a fish bites to set the hook properly. The new 4" Boar HogZ is a super-versatile power-fishing bait that anglers can employ for a wide array of applications ranging from penetrating thick, matted vegetation to dragging along the bottom on a wobble head or football jig.

Bulky enough to provide secure rigging, but streamlined enough to slip through heavy vegetation, the Yamamoto Cowboy is accented with two sets of small, flapping appendages that provide a bite-triggering, secondary action.

The Flappin' Hog has three distinct types of appendages. The appendages closest to the tail section are the longest and have the most weight of the appendages. The riveted body of these appendages will create vibration and action during the fall and when shaking this bait. Yamamoto has incorporated new designs and characteristics but, they have also stuck with some of the characteristics of their proven baits.

The appendages on the Flappin' Hog are close to the body so it can get in and out of tight cover with ease. Yamamoto has also incorporated a hollow section close to the tail to allow easy hook penetration through the bait.

The design of the Yamamoto Flappin' Hog makes it an ideal bait for flipping and pitching. Like all baits from Yamamoto, the Kreature is loaded with salt and available in time tested fish-catching colors that will fill up the livewell in a hurry. The Yamamoto Kreature bait also produces a potent action that drives fish wild. The front 'arms' start right at the top of the bait, and the end of the bait is nothing but free flowing tentacles that will attract plenty of attention.

The Yamamoto Kreature also features flaps along the sides for more water movement. These Yamamoto Kreature baits are great for flipping and pitching on a Texas-rig or weightless on a big hook.

Need a BIG trailer for a jig? Try the Yamamoto Kreature. Want a BIG bait to shake on a Texas-rig? The Kreature from Yamamoto will do the trick. The Yamamoto Kreature is already a proven fish catcher, tested and proven by Yamamoto's pro staff. The 4" NetBait Action Cat is a creature bait with a twist in that it is a tube bait. The hollow body allows for a better hook set and a slower fall. This bait works well swimming it with a small weight around grass or timber, flipping it into cover, or retrieving on a Carolina rig.

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Molded with a bulky body that mimics both crawdads and bottom-feeding baitfish, the Yamamoto Mermaid features two large outward curled legs that fold into themselves during the fall, which provides a very tight and fast action like a baitfish trying to flee.Punching for bass is one of the best techniques for triggering big bass to bite.

There are times when a lot of bass will be buried up in thick vegetation, and using a punch rig is one of the only ways to pull them out of there. Underneath surface weeds are very desirable areas for fish to hide, so getting your bait in there can be extremely rewarding. There are a few different styles of punch rigs, but if you want to checkout a pretty unique punching jig then check out the BiCO BoMB. This one ounce punch jig blasts through vegetation better than any other punch jig because of its hydrodynamic profile.

He also recently created a half-ounce version of the jig called the BiCO Bulletdesigned for lighter vegetation. So what is a punch rig? A punch rig is basically a bait that is specifically designed to get through thick surface vegetation to present itself to the fish below. The key is to use the lightest weight you can get away with that will get through the weeds efficiently.

There are three main types of punch rigs so lets take a look at each one. This consists of a soft plastic creature bait that is Texas rigged with a strong hook and heavy bullet style weight. These weights are usually made of tungsten and often referred to as flipping weights.

They will typically be in the three-quarter to sometimes as much as two ounce range. The weight you choose is determined by how thick the weeds are that you are punching.

These are much heavier than standard bass jigsusually weighing in the ounce or more range. These jigs will typically have a bullet shaped head that allows the jig to penetrate through vegetation better.

The weedguard on these jigs will be at sharper angler than on conventional jigs, giving them a more compact design to get through the weeds easier. Like with most bass jigs, they are usually rigged up with a soft plastic trailer. Punch skirts are popular because they are similar to a punch jig but with a straighter profile.

This helps this style rig get through the vegetation easier than a punch jig, while still getting the action from a skirt. When the bait hits the bottom, the skirt will flair out giving it a nice presentation. Punch skirt rigs are also paired up with a soft plastic trailer.

Those are the two components that make up a good mat for punching. They can come and go as the seasons change, and will at times provide a better source of cover for fish than other times. It really depends on where you are located and the kind of vegetation that is growing in that particular body of water.

creature baits for bass fishing

Sometimes you can find weeds like hydrilla that grow so long that they folds over and lay flat on the surface, or even a thick patch of lily pads. Of course not all bodies of water provide good punching vegetation, so do your homework before heading out. Some mats are created when weeds die and break off from the bottom and float to the surface. The floating weeds keep building up and create a very nice mat for punching.

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Bass love sitting under thick mats of vegetation, especially when there are nice defined edges with open water abutting it. Bass will use these areas for hiding in and ambushing prey like baitfish and crayfish.

Punching is done with a very popular technique called flipping and pitching.Below you will find the top nominees for the best new bass fishing worm or miscellaneous bass fishing soft plastics, as well as, the best new craw baits or creature baits debuted in Scroll down below to see where your favorite soft plastic bass baits ended up and to discover some of the exciting new additions that our sport of bass fishing has to offer!

The 13 Fishing Bubble Butt Worm is a well thought out bait with some key design features to make it more attractive to bass and more fishable for anglers. Featuring an air pocket in the tail that creates an enticing tail quivering action and also forces the worm to stand up when on the bottom, it also boasts a notched head design that allows it to sit perfectly against a Texas-rigged bullet weight, and two small, ringed cutouts in the body that are perfect for O-rings.

creature baits for bass fishing

Fish it on a shakey head, drop shot or wacky rig, the Bubble Butt Worm gets bit. Offering the incredible realism and undeniable fish attraction that Savage Gear lures are known for, the Savage Gear Ned Salamander takes the popular Ned rig formula to the next level. Imitating one of the most common forages in North America, the Savage Gear Salamander gives bass a different look — in a perfect bite-sized Ned rig presentation.

It is super resistant to tearing and is very soft The salamander is something they see and the bass just try to take it out Another application for the Ned Salamander, because of the salt balance, it dropshots super well and it has a ton of movement.

Best New Soft Plastic Worms, Craws, & Creatures Baits

There are many, many years behind the development of this bait and I am truly, truly proud of the BFE. It is honestly going to play coast-to-coast.

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Built to displace water and create tiny air bubbles, the Geecrack Bellows Craw moves, smells, and tastes just like a real crawfish thanks to its ribbed design, large claws, and proprietary SAF Salt, Aminos, Flavor material. Whether you throw it on a jig, Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, or Jika-rig, the Geecrack Bellows Craw is unlike any other craw on the market, giving anglers more versatility and an edge against the competition.

And if it's anything like the other Geecrack baits we've tried, it'll get the job done for sure when you need something a little different to get bites. Best Worm or Misc. Soft Plastic. Viewer's Choice - Top Finishers. Best Craw or Creature Bait. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly.

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If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. You'll find more information on cookies at Data Protection.Get violent reactions with the newest generation of soft baits for bass fishing. This new class of baits represents the very latest in bass fishing innovation and is set to take the freshwater fishing market by storm in the coming year. Booyah Poppin' Pad Crasher. This hollow frog walks, spits chugs and pops, thanks to the concave mouth.

A barbaric double hook ensures you boat what bites. River2Sea Spittin' Wa. This wide-bodied topwater frog is easily walked and also spits and chugs thanks to the wide mouth. The Darts Hog is a trailer made to be paired with Jackall's new Spade Jig, but it can also be fished alone on a finesse Texas rig.

The end of the claws are made with powdered glass which makes them buoyant, for one of the most realistic crawfish looks around.

With the success of the original Grass Pig, Berkley has downsized the soft swimbait to better match the forage on more lakes. The most popular design in the Havoc family now has a big brother, the Papa Pit Boss.

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The design is the same, but the Papa measures a full 5 inches. The Jerk is a Mike Iaconelli-designed jerkbait that has action no matter what the lure is doing. As it falls on a heavy hook, The Jerk shimmys side to side and as it is twitched, the tail whips wildly. Mike Iaconelli designed the Flat Dawg to boast the most action of any soft stickbait on the market. Its flat design makes it quiver and shimmy, while the tiny crook in the tail gives off even more action.

Now, it's got a bigger brother. Similar to the original Rage Craw, the DB version has smaller pincers for a more refined, finessy appeal on a jig or when Texas rigged.

This hollow body frog has a cupped, popping mouth with bubble jets that leaves a trail of bubbles behind it. Use it for walking a frog or aggressive pops for a chugging sound.

A weedless soft plastic popper that looks like a dying baitfish, the G-Pop, designed by Jason Misner, will perform in a variety of environments, especially where snags are an issue. Its soft body will help the fish hold on to the bait longer. Twitch it, walk it, dead-stick it and glide it to bring plus-size smallmouth and largemouth to the boat.

Based on the Bottom Walker swimbait, the Rig Walker is built for umbrella rigs but can be thrown individually as well.Today we continue the Buyer's Guide Series with a look at our favorite soft plastics.

Punching For Bass with Punch Rigs

We've chosen 12 of our favorite plastics including worms, tubes, creatures, and minnow baits. Some of them are old stand by's while others are wild cards you might never have heard of. This bonus video is designed to help you wade through the hundreds of soft plastics on the market and focus on the proven producers and best new options without wasting time and money.

Each of these baits has been producing for us and we're confident will do the same for you. Below is a breakdown of the baits we have confidence in. Whether you're finesse fishing, flipping, or chasing a reaction bite, there are baits here that will work for you. We're including some of our favorite colors and size recommendations for each as well.

In no particular order, here are the baits We've seen incredible results with this bait and often throw it in place of the Brush Hog. This bait is a sleeper and you should really check it out.

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It has a TON of action and shines on a light Texas rig. Give your fish a unique look with this full-bodied worm. If you haven't thrown a ned rig yet, you're missing the boat. This one is for you! Unique bait that works equally well on a dropshot or a Damiki Rig. The Roboworm is a proven bait in the West that is winning tournaments all over the country. This is our favorite flipping bait fished on a heavy Texas Rig.

Need Apparel? Tacticalbassin Gear is in stock! Get your hats, Hoodies, and sunshirts by emailing Tacticalbassinapparel gmail. A bass fishing video blog dedicated to teaching and helping bass fisherman grow.Modern bass fishing has evolved from its humble beginnings in the late 19th century, into a multi-billion dollar industry.

These are all important components of bass fishing. Remove one from the list and it will be incomplete and cannot be enjoyed as much. There are many types of baits available to hobbyists and professional anglers, and we will discuss all the major ones in detail. Here are the most popular and considered as the Best Bait For Bass.

creature baits for bass fishing

Catch Co teamed up with the legendary Mike Bucca, the creator of the original Bull Shad Swimbaits, and came up with this amazing fishing lure. The life-like swimming action and realistic paint scheme on this lure are simply superb.

Watching it in swimming action is a thing of beauty, and it will be hard for any type of bass to ignore it and not react to it.

27 Best Bait For Bass(Reviews & Guide)

The four-section joints are the secret to its fluid fish-like movement. It creates knocking sounds when the joints hit each other, which is a natural calling sound to the bass. Its realistic-looking multi-jointed body, which allows it to swim like a real fish will attract predator fishes like a magnet. Made from tough ABS plastic material and meshed with woven fabric, it ensures durability and flexibility whether you use it in saltwater or freshwater.

Each separate section is puncture and tear-resistant but maintains its flexibility to create the s-shaped swimming action that attracts any fish. The six multi-jointed body is rigged with two separate stainless steel, rust-proof Mustad treble hooks. With lots of realistic 3D printed body color and design to choose from, it can replicate the look of actual baitfish. This reusable and environment-friendly swimbait is ideal for hobbyist or professional anglers, looking for a high-quality and very effective swimbait.

The 4-inch lure is soft and looks natural, but is strong enough that fish will have a hard time biting them off. The box contains an assortment of different colored paddle tails to attract bass and other types of fish. The deep ribs are designed to allow you to load it with your favorite scent if you find the need to.

The same design helps the lure tail to weave along in the current, to attract bass or other fishes. With many several tested and proven colors mixed with colorful glitters, this swimbait reflects the light from all directions attracting the fish and encouraging it to make multiple strikes. The flat paddle tail enables the swimbait to flap and vibrates which draws fish towards it.

It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Catching largemouth bass, tilapia, sunfish, catfish, and other types of fish is easy with this RUNCL paddle tail swimbaits.

With over 24 different colors and patterns to match any fishing environment, the wLure Minnow Crankbait is an affordable and highly-durable lure. This particular package comes with 6 different-colored lures with a tackle box for convenience. The impressive life-like color patterns are powered by wLure real skin technology.Bulky creature baits, such as Zoom's 6-inch Brush Hog, have caught on in a big way.

Appendages sprout from these busy plastic baits top to bottom, including wings, flappers and curly tails. Though they don't mimic any particular bass forage, anglers who dote on them claim they probably represent crawfish and baitfish. Soon after large creature baits proved their stuff, lure makers introduced downsized versions. Do they measure up to their larger predecessors? Three time Classic qualifier Mark Menendez thinks so. He takes creature-bait fishing into the realm of finesse with YUM's.

Menendez catches bass with this bait by flippin', pitchin', drop shotting, and Carolina rigging. It's one of his go-to lures when he flips and pitches in rivers and heavily fished waters. And when other guys flip and pitch big jigs and plastic baits on lakes, I can catch bass right behind them with the bitty Wooly Hawgtail. He spools his Pflueger Trion reel with to pound Silver Thread fluorocarbon.

Menendez claims that fluorocarbon provides extra strength and abrasion resistance. Even so, to pound test is light stuff for tackling heavy cover. It's worth the risk. If I can present the bait to the outside edge of cover, or find an alley into it, chances are good I'll get the fish out.

In clear water, he favors green pumpkin, watermelon and dark grasshopper. The lighter colors come through when he fishes the Wooly Hawgtail with a drop shot rig. Menendez nose hooks the bait with a No. He cuts back to 8-pound-test line and a 6-foot, 6-inch, medium action spinning rod. I work it over clean bottoms surrounded by grassbeds. It's also super for sight fishing bedding bass.

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He claims the little Wooly Hawgtail does a number on spots, especially on calm, flat days when the bass are inactive. When he locates a school of spots with the Carolina rig, he switches rods and mops up with a drop shot rig.

Watermelon candy is his favorite color when bass feed on bluegill. When bass dine on crawfish, Thliveros chooses green pumpkin in clear water and black neon in stained water.

They crawl up on the stalks and leaves. That's one reason a Carolina rigged Baby Brush Hog works so well. He casts to the vegetation from all angles, including parallel to the edge. When he fishes especially thick grass, he puts his boat over the grass edge, casts to deeper water, and works his Carolina rig uphill until it contacts the base of the grass.


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