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Opinion of Advocate General Szpunar delivered on 10 September That is particularly the case for urban transport services booked by electronic means. The Court has already had the opportunity to provide some guidance on that distinction in specific circumstances.

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It is therefore necessary to determine to what extent and, as the case may be, under what circumstances EU law allows those rules to be applied to the latter category of services. All of those different issues emerge in the present case and thus give the Court the opportunity to clarify its case-law on the matter.

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Member States shall ensure that the taking up and pursuit of the activity of an information society service provider may not be made subject to prior authorisation or any other requirement having equivalent effect.

This Directive shall apply to services supplied by providers established in a Member State. Member States shall not make access to a service activity or the exercise thereof subject to an authorisation scheme unless the following conditions are satisfied:. Authorisation schemes shall be based on criteria which preclude the competent authorities from exercising their power of assessment in an arbitrary manner.

Cine este noul primar interimar al Capitalei si ce avere detine

For the purposes of this Directive, the following definitions apply:. A taxi dispatching authorisation may be obtained by submitting the following documents:. Authorised carriers providing taxi services shall use a booking centre in accordance with this law on the basis of a dispatching agreement concluded with that centre under non-discriminatory conditions.

Dispatching services shall be mandatory for all taxis of authorised carriers operating in an area other than areas where less than taxi licences have been issued or where that service is optional.

primar general bucuresti 2015

Taxis served by a booking centre may provide transport services on the basis of a flat fare or fare scale depending on vehicle category, in accordance with the dispatching agreement. The booking centre shall supply the authorised carriers it serves with a two-way radio for installation in taxis on the basis of a lease agreement concluded under non-discriminatory conditions.

In the municipality of Bucharest, dispatching services shall be mandatory for all taxis of authorised carriers and may be provided only by booking centres authorised by the competent authorisation authority of the municipality of Bucharest, under conditions ensuring that customers are able to request those services by telephone or other means, including through applications connected to the internet that must bear the name of the booking centre appearing in the dispatching authorisation granted by the competent authorisation authority of the municipality of Bucharest.

Dispatching services shall be mandatory for all taxis of authorised carriers operating a taxi in the municipality of Bucharest and may be provided only by booking centres authorised by the competent authorisation authority of the municipality of Bucharest, under conditions ensuring that customers are able to request those services by telephone or other means IT applications, bookings made on the website of a booking centre and to forward them to taxi drivers via a two-way radio.

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Dispute in the main proceedings, procedure and questions referred for a preliminary ruling. That application makes it possible to run a search which displays a list of taxi drivers available for a journey. The customer is then free to choose a particular driver. Star Taxi App does not forward bookings to taxi drivers and does not set the fare, which is paid directly to the driver at the end of the journey.Bucharest was first mentioned in documents in It became the capital of Romania in and is the centre of Romanian media, culture, and art.

Its architecture is a mix of historical Neoclassical and Art Nouveauinterbellum Bauhausand Art Decocommunist era and modern. In recent years, the city has been experiencing an economic and cultural boom.

Inthe historical city centre was listed as 'endangered' by the World Monuments Watch. According to the census1, inhabitants live within the city limits, [5] a decrease from the census. Economically, Bucharest is the most prosperous city in Romania. Tradition connects the founding of Bucharest with the name of Bucurwho was a prince, an outlaw, a fisherman, a shepherd or a hunter, according to different legends.

In Romanianthe word stem bucurie means 'joy' 'happiness'[24] and it is believed to be of Dacian origin[25] hence the city Bucharest means 'city of joy'. InAustrian historian Franz Sulzer claimed that it was related to bucurie joybucuros joyfulor a se bucura to be joyfulwhile an early 19th-century book published in Vienna assumed its name to be derived from 'Bukovie', a beech forest.

Bucharest's history alternated periods of development and decline from the early settlements in antiquity until its consolidation as the national capital of Romania late in the 19th century. The Ottomans appointed Greek administrators Phanariotes to run the town from the 18th century. A short-lived revolt initiated by Tudor Vladimirescu in led to the end of the rule of Constantinople Greeks in Bucharest.

Lista primarilor sectoarelor bucureștene aleși după 1989

Under subsequent rulers, Bucharest was established as the summer residence of the royal court. Partly destroyed by natural disasters and rebuilt several times during the following years, and hit by Caragea's plague in —14, the city was wrested from Ottoman control and occupied at several intervals by the Habsburg Monarchy, and Imperial Russia three times between and It was placed under Russian administration between and the Crimean Warwith an interlude during the Bucharest-centred Wallachian revolution.

Later, an Austrian garrison took possession after the Russian departure remaining in the city until March On 23 Marcha fire consumed about 2, buildings, destroying a third of the city. Inafter Wallachia and Moldavia were united to form the Principality of RomaniaBucharest became the new nation's capital city.

Init became the political centre of the newly proclaimed Kingdom of Romania under King Carol I. During the second half of the 19th century, the city's population increased dramatically, and a new period of urban development began. During this period, gas lightinghorse-drawn tramsand limited electrification were introduced. In the interwar years, Bucharest's urban development continued, with the city gaining an average of 30, new residents each year.

Also, some of the city's main landmarks were built in this period, including Arcul de Triumf and Palatul Telefoanelor. In Januarythe city was the scene of the Legionnaires' rebellion and Bucharest pogrom.

On 23 AugustBucharest was the site of the royal coup which brought Romania into the Allied camp. The city suffered a short period of Nazi Luftwaffe bombings, as well as a failed attempt by German troops to regain the city. After the establishment of communism in Romaniathe city continued growing. New districts were constructed, most of them dominated by tower blocks.Acest site foloseste cookies. Prin navigarea pe acest site, va exprimati acordul asupra folosirii cookie-urilor.

Am inteles! Primaria Generala - Primarii Bucuresti. Creates Teodor a scris in 7 ianuarie la ora Ce se face cu zapada de pe stradutele laturalnice? Asteaptam cumva primavara. Sectorul 5 este jale. Dan Cosug a scris in 23 august la ora Stimata Doamna Gabriela Firea, Ma bucur din suflet ca ati ajuns la conducerea Capitalei si sper ca veti face toate eforturile sa rezolvati cat mai multe dintre problemele acestui municipiu.

Sper ca in veti candida la postul de Presedinte al Romaniei si veti salva tara. Cu presdinti barbati, m-am convins ca nu mai avem vreo sansa.

Va doresc sanatate, putere de munca si toate cele bune Dvs. Cu stima, Danl Cosug. Laura a scris in 22 octombrie la ora Va rugam insistent, faceti curatenie pe strazi! Spalati strazile si trotuarele cu detergent!! Aveti obligatia de a supraveghea Companiile de salubritate!! Primaria Generala Primarii Bucuresti. Primaria Sectorului 5 Primarii Bucuresti. Primaria Sectorului 1 Primarii Bucuresti. Primaria Sectorului 6 Primarii Bucuresti. Primaria Sectorului 4 Primarii Bucuresti. Primaria Sectorului 2 Primarii Bucuresti.

Primaria Sectorului 3 Primarii Bucuresti.Madamma sotului sau,liberala si dansa ,castiga de mii de lei noi de la statul lui Kiolannis. Adica mai pe scurt cat Presedintele Germaniei.

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Nu mai continui ca pot avea probleme ca am un registru bogat la injuraturi. Daca un consilier la CNVM are castigul asta, de milioane pe luna, ce salarii au oare multimea de directori, directorasi, sefi servicii, s. Cand va exista o echitate in tara asta? Mai bine zis, cand vor fi luati la alungat toti cei care ne-au cocosat cu atatea impozite, taxe si alte alea, pe care nu mai le terminam de platit?

Pun pariu cu oricine ca peste 6 luni o sa va luati cu mainile de cap de -bunastarea-adusa de Kiolannis Voda cu pedeleprele lui impusi toti de tancurile CIA.

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Nici troscot de pe marginea drumului nu o sa mai fie ca il da Ciocolos la export. Veniturile sotiei sunt calculate pentru un mandat intreg,de 4 ani El are serviciul sau,afacerea sa,din care obtine venit si care nu se individualizeaza in declaratia de avere.

In declaratia de avere se evidentiaza doar venitul din servicii publice si averea ,la data ocuparii unei functii de bugetar.

Deci stim noi, stim,dar nu tot si e normal asa. Mai pune mana pe carte si invata. Declaratia de avere esti obligat in cazul in care este ceruta prin lege sa specifici si daca ai venituri din Jurnalistii lui peste prajit! Pentru a va abona la notificarile Breaking News apasati butonul de sus Allow sau Permite. Stiri Locale. Miercuri, 25 Noiembrieora Noul primar general interimar al Capitalei, Razvan Sava, este inginer, are un teren in orasul Pantelimon, un apartament in sectorul 1, precum si un autoturism de lux, iar din anul este consilier general al Municipiului Bucurestirezulta din declaratia sa de avere.

Razvan Sava este noul primar interimar al Capitalei Potrivit declaratiei de avere, completata in iunieRazvan Sava are un teren agricol de de metri patrati, in orasul Pantelimon, cumparat in anul impreuna cu sotia, dar si un apartament de metri patrati, achizitionat in anulin sectorul 1 al Capitalei. Noul primar interimar al Capitalei mai detine un autoturism Jaguar, fabricat in Sava are si datorii de Din declaratia de avere completata de Razvan Sava rezulta ca a incasat Urmareste Ziare.

Raspunzi la comentariul: al userului. Urmareste pe. Incendiu puternic in Brasov. Un om a murit, iar 50 de persoane au fost evacuate dintr-un bloc de garsoniere. Primele concluzii ale procurorilor dupa evaluarea facuta la Spitalul Matei Bals: Au avut loc explozii ale unor tuburi de oxigen. Iohannis: "O zi foarte trista". Protest la Institutul "Matei Bals". Oamenii au pancarte cu mesaje precum "Opriti macelul din sanatate acum".

Toate stirile din Actualitate. Aici e problema de demonstratii cu ghilotina pe strazi nu ca sa schimbi niste ticalosi cu altii.The title of General Mayor is sometimes used to distinguish the office from that of the mayors that lead each of Bucharest's six administrative sectorsand which are responsible for local area affairs, such as secondary streets, parks, schools and cleaning services.

All decisions of the mayor have to be approved by the seat General Council of Bucharest.

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The office was created on 7 Augustwhen a new French-style local administration law was adopted. The two before last elections saw Sorin Oprescu elected as Mayor of Bucharest, for the first time in June and afterwards for a second term in June On 6 September Sorin Oprescu was detained on suspicion of corruption and bribery charges.

On 15 September he was replaced by a general council elected deputy-mayor for the remainder of his term which ended the following year.

primar general bucuresti 2015

On 5 June Gabriela Firea was elected Mayor withvotes From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved Central Electoral Committee. Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 29 October Categories : Mayors of Bucharest. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Coat of arms of Bucharest.After all these months, we still think of the Scotland trip and how well it was planned. We still remember Christoph. I have put comments in TripAdvisor but again, Helga was terrific. I could always rely on her to answer my emails the following morning and the additional advice she provided was invaluable. The planning and organization of the trip is indeed Nordic Visitor's strength.

From the personal pickup and drop-off at the airport to the personalized itinerary, that WONDERFUL MAP, notes of interest Helga wrote on the map for us, the book, and the accommodation arrangements. Helga made us so very comfortable with all the information that we could relax and enjoy Iceland. It is a stunningly beautiful country and we had a terrific time. Had a great time at all hotels.

Love extra suggestions of places to see and eat that were written on the map by your agent. As a self driving trip was glad to have someone book hotels, since I was unsure of how far I would be able to drive each day. Great suggestions for extra day trips.

Loved having places of interested written on the map as they were not mentioned in travel books. Everything was so easy from being picked up at airport, getting car, and traveling route. Our guide was exceptional, she was very knowledgeable, and fun company. She included all sorts of wonderful "extra stops" which made the tour very special.

We loved your beautiful country and the wonderful scenery in every part. Also, our "greeter" at the airport was very friendly and full of interesting information about Iceland. We can highly recommend our whole experience dealing with Nordic Visitor and can enthusiastically encourage our friends and family to visit your amazing country.

We were thrilled with the accommodations and really everything about the tour.

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We're planning on writing a more detailed email to share how much we enjoyed this trip thanks to Arnar's arrangements. We would have checked off "Excellent" if that had been a survey qualifier that was available. Thank you very much for helping us to explore Iceland. We LOVED it and I hope we are able to return in the future. If we do - we will definitely use your services again. We had a great time on our trip.

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All hotel accommodations were very nice and the check-in process was very easy. The pick-up and return of the rental car was very easy and the staff at Avis were very knowledgeable and helpful.My daughter and I had a blast. Lauren Tzonkov, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, March 2017 Margret was awesome to work with. Jessica Rothfuss, United States Iceland Winter World, February 2017 We booked a couple tours outside of Nordic Visitor and saw a huge difference between what you booked and what we booked ourselves.

Julie Cook, Australia Norway Complete, February 2017 Even though all bookings were done by internet the process seemed very personal and I had every confidence that arrangements would be carried out without any hassles. Lisa Raith, United States South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, January 2017 The trip was absolutely amazing and we had the time of our lives. Maha Saad, United States Iceland Winter World, December 2016 Everything was well planned out giving me enough time to see plenty with enough time to explore Reykjavik as well.

Erica Lay, Spain South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, December 2016 Margret is an absolute superstar.

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Heleyna, United Kingdom Iceland Winter World, November 2016 Clara and Nicole, United States Iceland Winter World, October 2016 The whole experience from the booking stage (thank yo so much, Solveig), right through to leaving Iceland was extremely awesome. My only regret is not being able to come into the office to give Solveig and the rest of the team my personal thanks. I'm very pleased to have done the tour through your company, and being able to see the phenomenal sights your country has to offer.

The Northern Lights were spectacular!. Our guide even helped us set our cameras to the right formation for capturing such anomalies. Fantastic all round trip. Stephanie, United States South and West in Detail, October 2016 I can't say it enough.

The personal service, the itinerary descriptions, the supplemental travel items that we were given, the feedback, the patience that Margret had with me as I asked a million questions, the perfection of how everything flowed once we got there.

Edward and Irene, Canada Norway Complete, October 2016 It took all the effort out of organizing a trip. Normally I spend weeks, researching and making selections, but this was so easy, and so successful. I should add that I booked late, on impulse, contacting Bjarni on Sept.

So glad we went in the early part of Oct. We would have preferred the beer package - beer and Norwegian food are great together, and the drinks on board were extremely expensive - we shared a beer at dinner. I was a little intimidated by the title "Expedition" team, but that actually turned out to refer to a wonderful team of 4 who organize tours, hikes, lectures, music (and dancing. Bring lots of money.

Another note on booking cabins on the beautiful Nordkapp - ask for a portside cabin for the northbound trip - there are fewer stops southbound, and often in the dark. Jeanne, United States Iceland Full Circle, September 2016 Iceland is a beautiful country filled with magnificent landscapes, spectacular waterfalls and fascinating cultural history.

Alison and David, Australia Iceland Full Circle, September 2016. The accommodation all over Iceland was really excellent and some would be highlights or favorites we'll remember a long time Jean, United States Scenic Fjords of Norway, September 2016 I think Kolbrun did an outstanding job of listening to what we wanted, had suggestions of her own, made excellent reservations, and kept us informed about our reservations.

It took us quite awhile to make a decision on whether and which tour to take, and she was always generous with her time and answered all questions within hours of being asked. There was not one glitch in the whole adventure.

primar general bucuresti 2015

We are in our 70's and probably won't get back to Norway, but we will tell anyone who is willing to listen that Nordic Visitor and Kolbrun are first class. As far as Norway itself goes, it has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. And our tour hit some of the loveliest of Norway.

When we first decided to use Nordic Visitor we thought the cost was a little steep.


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