Theragun mini 4th generation review

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. As of 4th Generation devices, all the Theragun models have their pros and cons. Theragun PRO is one of the most powerful and advanced massage guns. Being comparatively inexpensive, Theragun Elite offers both advanced features like Theragun PRO and has excellent usability. Therefore, it proves ideal for most people.

In fact, it is our top recommendation for the best massage gun. Theragun Prime and Mini also have their distinctions. By having the heritage of high-end models, Theragun Prime has many similar features within the budget. But it is not as powerful as Theragun Elite. But still, it is the 2nd best Theragun right now.

Lastly, Theragun Mini is an entirely different massage gun. From design to weight and portability, almost all Theragun Mini Features are offbeat than its counterparts. Therefore, aesthetic people can choose it. Therefore, you might see many drastic changes from high to low-end models.

Need something in budget? G3 and G3Pro design continued in the fourth generation top-models. The reason for retaining the same design in Theragun ProEliteand Prime is it makes Theraguns distinctive. Additionally, the triangular framework allows a better grip and, ultimately, a good massage.

The Theragun Minihowever, appears completely different.

Theragun Mini Review

It has a triangular boxed appearance with dual indentations. Such a simple design enhances other features like portability and handling. Built-Quality, more or less, is the same in all 4th Generation models.

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One thing to note is the Quality of Theragun Mini. Although it is entirely different in design, it shares the same Therabody top-notch Built-Quality. In design and manufacturing quality, Theraguns are Unique and unbeatable.

theragun mini 4th generation review

If you prefer any 4th generation massage gun, you will not regret these features.Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We all became excited when Therabody launched its first-generation G1 in But it was G3 and G3Pro that made the Theragun so popular. Since Theragun officially changed its name to Therabodythey also thought of bringing something new in the market.

They are also deciding to discontinue their all-time famous G3Pro; only this percussion massager can prove a substitute for that. This review might be slightly extensive. For time savers, Summary and Should you Buy section will be enough. For your convenience, we have divided Theragun Pro Review into 12 different subheadings. All of them are concerned with highly practical things. In the box, you see the device, two batteries this option is newand a user manual.

All these things have been well-lodged. On the other hand, the attachments come in a pocket-size pouch, not fixed instead placed separately. The case itself is built very well. But the same as G3ProEliteand Primethere is no good placement option for attachments inside the box. Like the first two generations, Theragun has maintained the 3rd Generation design in the 4th Generation models.

However, there are only a few differences. The greatest among them is the addition of an OLED display. Having an OLED display makes you aware of the features you are using. Power Button also got better due to slight elevation. Above the Power Button, enhancing and reducing buttons make controls more accessible. Overall, the design became a little simpler than its predecessor, but this simplicity is positive. It is the design that makes it an ergonomic percussion massager.

There is not to say about Built Quality as Theragun almost keeps a high focus on this.Theragun, founders of the percussion massage gun, made a surprise unveiling of four new and very exciting models this week.

In addition, they also announced their new company name, Therabody, which will further embrace their expansion into other wellness products. Relative to its G3 predecessor, the new Theragun Elite is a better version in almost every conceivable way. No, in fact we dubbed it the most premium massage gun you could buy at the time.

Theragun Pro Review

It was a show stopper for sure. To our approval, the Elite aims to rectify those wrongs. We love the ergonomic triangular handle and one-piece design.

Aesthetically speaking, we do regret that they brought back the glossy plastic accents. Sadly, along with the smudges, we did notice some very fine scratches in the glossy finish.

A minor gripe and observation we want to make you aware of. The new Elite now only weighs 2. Initially, that might not seem like a lot, but with extended use you really begin to feel the strain in your arms. After a couple days of full on testing, we are happy to report that their claims are true. You can easily carry on a conversation, watch TV, or use this thing in public without drawing the ire of your closest neighbor.

They finally nailed it with this one. We criticized the G3 for only offering a 2-speed motor. It felt very limited relative to every other massage guns out there with some offering as many as 20 incremental speeds. Unlike the PRO model, the Elite still maintains the built-in, non-removable battery.

For us, we are totally OK with that especially since they doubled the battery life to minutes! Also very handy, the built in OLED screen now displays the battery percentage so you know exactly how much charge is left. Ah, Bluetooth.Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Therabody exhibited it in their 4th Generation massage guns. Other brands like Hyperice are also planning to implement it. But what makes a massage gun distinct?

After our analysis, having either top of the line or the atypical features make a massage gun unique. Correlating these frontiers with Theragun Mini, we found out it as a highly exclusive massage gun.

theragun mini 4th generation review

If you see it on a grand scale, it has the lowest percussion force among all massage guns. Thus, we call Theragun minia massage gun, full of peculiarities.

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In the upcoming paragraphs, we are going towards an in-depth Theragun Mini Review. We hope things will start making more sense. Things related to numbers are mentioned-above. Same as Theragun PrimeTheragun mini does not come with a carrying case. However, it comes with a zipper pouch that is compact and entirely encloses the device. Since it does not have any additional attachments, the charger can also fit into the pouch. But adding a charger and massage gun together, made the pouch look a little bizarre.

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No matter what other factors portray, the design and built-quality are supreme. Although the design appears triangular, it does not resemble any other massage gun. The design looks like a customized bike saddle with shallow depressions.

These depressions assist in grip and make it ergonomic. Built-Quality is also high end. Despite the comparatively improved price, therabody has made no compromise on manufacturing quality.

Since percussion is related to stimulation of muscles, the force of massage stall forceand depth of percussion stroke length play a central role. Although the stall force of Theragun Prime is meager, stroke length tries to compensate for this; it only succeeds to a limited extent.

Therefore, the percussion of Theragun Mini feels like some vibrational massager tapping a little deeper than usual. This percussion is suitable when you need a slight degree of massage after traveling, and after doing little chores.

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Using it after workouts could be the wrong choice. Briefly stated earlier, usability is good, but there are some things to note. If you are wondering, what determines usability, it includes everything besides percussion. Owing to a close alliance of speed and noise, they often come together.

Usually, both of these follow the same trend, but in Theragun mini the things are a little different. The Theragun Mini has three-speed options. Moreover, these options are better than previous generations of theraguns. But unlike other latest theraguns, it does not sync with the app. Thus, no customization of speed is available. In noise, it is quietest among all theraguns. Like all other 4th Generation Theraguns, the battery improved a lot.

Unfortunately, in comparison to the price opponent, battery life is not fantastic. Due to the small motor, we were expecting a longer battery life.If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

Why trust us? We were so excited when we heard that Theragun had just dropped their new generation of percussion massagers. Their name in the industry really does stand for quality, but over the past few years a number of competitors have started to catch up. You can focus on the features that matter most to you and see how each of the four Theragun devices stacks up:. You get the stroke depth 16mm and the variable speeds of the higher spec devices, with half the force. The Prime connects to their brand new app :.

The app learns about your habits and then creates personalized wellness routines. For example, if the app notices that you sit on the subway for an hour each day, it might create a routine focussed on reinvigorating your glutes and lower back.

Currently the app feels like a prototype that has plenty of potential but needs work. However, the beauty of app-driven products is that they can constantly be updated and improved. Such as the Dampener which is great for general use you can explore the Theragun video library to see the Dampener in actionand the Thumb attachment for trigger points.

The Elite is perhaps the most esthetically pleasing Theragun in the range. Use it in bed, in the office or out and about without drawing attention to your treatment with a noisy motor.

It has the 16mm stroke and an OLED screen with a force meter where you can play around with the 40lbs of no-stall force. With five speed settings from to PPM, you have the ability to customize the number of percussions to any one in between, giving you the perfect intensity. The Elite is equipped for wireless charging the unit is sold separatelyand offers minutes of battery life matching the Prime. Five unique attachments help you target different areas, including a Cone attachment to work on your hands and feet.

Theragun PRO is a real step up from the previous generation model, and a must-have for serious athletes and personal trainers who want to train harder and recover faster. The four unique arm positions, when paired with the three different grips, gives you various combinations to get to those hard to reach places. Like the other models, you get five in-built speeds, but you can also tailor your speed anywhere from to PPM.

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The Supersoft attachment has been designed for sensitive areas, and it ticked all the boxes when we were testing this model. It enables you to massage areas where the other closed-cell foam attachments might feel a little too tough, such as around your ankles. All their attachments are now made from a closed-cell foam, that can be easily cleaned making Theragun devices more hygienic.

Their website has lots of instructional videos demonstrating how to use the device to treat everything from tech neck to plantar fasciitis.

The G3 Pro the previous top-of-the-line model sounded like a jackhammer! This model still kicks out some noise, but is nowhere near as loud as its predecessor. Though if noise is a deal breaker for you, it could be worth looking at the Elite model or a quieter non-Theragun alternative.

Weighing 2. However that weight does make a difference when it comes to using the device on some areas, particularly the back. For some the PRO will start to feel heavy if held in one place for a period of time, so consider the weight when choosing between the devices.

However the introduction of the mini could solve that issue, and opens their brand up to a whole new audience. Which makes it a great additional purchase for people who love Theragun, to throw in their gym bag or use for travel. Though for many people, that will be more than enough. With a push button to switch between the different speeds, you have a tool to simply pick and go.

The mini has been developed with their new QuietForce technology, with Theragun describing this model as nearly silent.Therabody — formerly known as Theragun — choose the perfect time to introduce the Theragun mini, the subject of this review. The Theragun mini is the smallest percussion device I've seen to date and although it is not 'pocket-sized' as the manufacturer claims, it is highly portable and versatile nevertheless. Before this Theragun mini review, what I was curious about is whether the mini can deliver a similar percussion massage experience as its bigger siblings or does it lack the power to be useful enough for most people?

I also wanted to find out how the handle worked and if it was comfortable enough to hold to work on different body parts. The Theragun mini is a portable percussion massage tool that helps relieve soreness in your muscles on the go.

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It can be operated very easily — there is literally only one button on the Theragun mini — and the grip makes holding the mini comfortable enough for working the traps, shoulders and neck.

The Theragun mini uses the adapted QX35 Motor with QuietForce Technology and although it is not loud per se, it is definitely not quiet enough to use in public without annoying people around you, especially at the highest speed setting. Using it in open spaces, such as parks and benches, is fine but not on the tube or in an office.

There are three speed settings to choose from: 1, 2, or 2, percussions per minute. If you haven't used these type of massage tools before, I recommend starting at the lowest setting until you get used to the sensation which shouldn't take long, a couple weeks tops. For inexperienced users, even the lowest setting will provide a strong enough massage experience but once the initial break-in period is over, you will be surprised how well you adopted to the mini.

theragun mini 4th generation review

As soon as the knots in your muscles have been eased, you will be amazed how weak it feels at lower settings compared to when you first started using the mini. That said, the Theragun mini doesn't feel weak and especially considering the small body of the device, it delivers powerful strokes even at low speed settings.

The massager head has an amplitude of 12 mm which feel firm enough on the skin. The Theragun mini has a battery life of minutes and a charge time of 80 minutes. I highly doubt that many people will use the mini for more than 10 minutes a day, meaning you won't have to charge it more than once every other week and even when you do, it'll be charged rather quickly. Therefore, taking the charger with you when you are out of the house is not necessary.

The Terabody app has just recently been launched and mainly functions as library of routines you can follow using your Theragun device. Some models can even connect to the app using Bluetooth, not the mini though, but you can still follow the 'protocols' — as the app puts it — manually. There are even guided routines for sleeping and different body parts and you can use the illustrations to know where to massage the body and for how long.

Admittedly, it would be better if you could have the full Therabody App experience with the Theragun mini but at least you have something, right?

The Elite is the model I'd recommend for athletes and especially for cyclists and runners to work the calves and quads after workouts. The PRO is best for — err — pros. The Theragun mini would work well for people who have a sedentary lifestyle and exercise a bit less than average, such as people working in offices or at other desk-based jobs.

I can also see it being useful for people in retail and hospitality who stand around quite a lot and probably not don't pay any attention to their posture in general. For athletes, the Theragun mini doesn't have enough strength to penetrate the muscles deep enough and effectively help recovery. Even for them, though, the Theragun mini can provide a quick fix and relieve tension on the go without the hassle of carrying a full-size percussion massager with them.

Therabody came up with a great idea to make the entry level model of its Theragun range accessible but not cheap, a fine line to walk indeed. Once you let go of the concept that percussion massagers are for athletes only, you will realise just how convenient the Theragun mini is.

The Theragun mini might not be pocket-sized but it can easily fit into a larger handbag and definitely in a cycling backpack or gym bag. It is also quiet to use in open public spaces but maybe not discreet enough to be used on a bus or in a quiet environment such as an office. It's not loud enough to disturb the family members at home but you might not want to start your session right in front of your TV when your significant other's programme is on. Thanks to the three speed settings and the high-amplitude percussions, using the Theragun mini will feel powerful enough for people who are not used to sports- or deep-tissue massage.

However, for athletes who are, the mini might not be able to effectively relax muscles after rigorous workouts.Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. There are two reasons for that. The first one is, obviously, the price.

theragun mini 4th generation review

Second, and more logical, was its unbelievably improved features from its previous generation counterpart, Theragun Liv. Like all other 4th Generation peersTheragun Prime is an essence of innovation. The Price Trend of Massage guns is shifting more towards mid-rangers.

Keeping this thing in mind, Therabody focuses more on providing Quality Features at a comparatively affordable price. The Prime is their perfect example. Theragun Prime is the updated version of Theragun Liv discontinuedin terms of price and features. Unfortunately, Theragun Prime does not come with the carrying case, so all the things are in the box. The box contains:. Although, not having a carrying case might affect portability to some extent, but so too much.

Compared to other models, the design is compact and sturdy. Dimensions are slightly smaller than both Theragun Elite and Liv. In comparison to its previous model, Theragun Liv, the built-quality has been tremendously improved.

Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime vs Mini

The grip is also more ergonomic. Small changes, like the addition of an LED display, and enhanced Power and speed button, make it more attractive. Stall Force and Stroke length mainly determine the percussion in any massage gun. The stall force for Theragun Prime 30 lbs is suitable for a soft tissue massage.

Stroke length, which is 16 mm, on the other hand, is tolerable. It is up to you, which side you want to see, but for us, the percussion is on the lower end of the compass.

In most massage guns, speed and noise are related to each other in direct proportion. For Theragun Pro and other high-end percussion massagers, this relation holds right.

Usually, you get five-speed options. Compared to Theragun Liv, and other 3rd Generation models, these five-speed options are reasonably advanced.


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